Live Jam Room Webcam with Audio Feed
  Please be patient while the player connects to the media and then buffers.

If after a few seconds you don't see anything, then the camera may not be on, or other viewers are already "tuned" in and are using up all allocated bandwidth. I might not have the system on since we're not always jamming 24/7... or maybe it's just late and the lights are off. Have you checked the time?

The Live Studio Webcam may be up and running.

If we're jamming, you should be able to hear a high quaility audio feed direct from the "console", though the dedicated webcam audio mix will likely be unmanned and unmonitored. No one else knows how to work SAC yet, and I'm busy playing... after only setting up the in-the-room mix.

This is also assuming you can receive a constant 750kbps on your high-speed Internet connection, and that if you're behind a firewall it allows this sort of traffic.


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