Tornado! (Apr 08, 2006) Photo Gallery
An F1 Tornado Hops In and Out Of Our Neighborhood - Apr 08, 2006 04:03am
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Right across the street and one house over, a tree knocks over a B-Ball hoop and nearly lands on an Explorer.

A limb blocks part of the road in front of John and Marta's old house

A house around the corner had part of its front stairs taken out by a tree.

Another house around the corner had this tree land on its roof and tear off some of the front siding.

Out on Jims Road... definitely a tornado with the way this tree was twisted right off at the base.

More tree damage as we walk down Jims Road.

These folks on the other side of Jims Road look at their tree ripped right out of the ground.

The power was out here for over 12 hours. This is the stoplight at Jims and Wigley/Jamerson.

Might want to move over to the right side of that building for a while.


You can't really see it, but this tree damaged the roofing on this house pretty thoroughly.

Ryan checks out the limb in front of John and Marta's old house.

Interesting that this limb landed as far away from the tree as it did considering how close to the ground it was to begin with.

Bad news just across the street and 3 houses down. This one's pretty banged up with two big trees on/in it.

...and right next door to them, more of the same.

It took a lot of men and equipment to get the two trees off of this house.

After dinner, we went for a drive and followed the storm's path towards Roswell/Alpharetta. Cool contrast with rear-view mirror.

A CVS, spared on Highway 92.

Some roof damage off of Crabapple Road.

I was trying to shoot some roof damage here (doing 40mph), but ended up with a pretty cool shot anyway.

Mr. Ed surveys the damage to his trees.

Another tree ripped right out of the ground.

Outside of a gas station/repair shop at Houze/Arnold Mill and Crabapple.

...and right across the street from the gas station...

That used to be a car wash.

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