AMEBA (II) Live - March 02, 2005 Practice
A partial AMEBA preparation for "The Big Retreat" - Mar 04, 2005. Now with a live drummer and bassist!
(Yeah this thing was two days away and this was our only real practice. Can you guess how ugly it was?)
Anyhow, for this I'm using the THD Univalve [Roll channel, dimed] loaded with an EL34 (6 watts) in an Avatar 212 with Greenback
and G12H-30. Mic'd Greenback with SM57. Gibson Les Paul on Tracks 1 & 2, Fender Fat Strat on Tracks 3 & 4.
The Marshall TSL100 used in at other AMEBA events was too "over the top" for this group of guys.
  If you need it (You haven't actually let QuickTime take over your PC, have you?):
  • Get the MS Windows Media Player (It will stream [start playback immediately] by default)...
  • Or get WinAmp (Shows all embedded ID3v2 Tag Information, but by default downloads entire file before playback)...

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