Waiting For Nothing To Happen CD
Rich McCoy - Waiting For Nothing To Happen CD
Availability: Nov 17, 2009

It took me just over three years to put this one together, working on it from November 2006 until November 2009... when not working on hundreds of other churchy music recordings during that same time. This album is electric guitar based Instrumental Rock like my other solo albums, but lightens up the pace a bit in many places. Lots of positive feedback from critics on this one (friends... or random folks who dropped me a note.)

The tracks here were inspired by watching and/or dealing with all types of folks that we see around us everywhere. Those who are too busy chasing life to ever accomplish anything. Those who are vocal about their opinions. Those who don't know how to stop talking long enough to listen to what's going on around them... etc. Maybe you're in one or more of these categories. I am. In the end, reach out to them and see if anybody notices, if anything changes... or not.

These are all free for the taking. Take them and enjoy them if you like what I'm doing here in my studio. If you think someone else would enjoy these, please refer them here rather than distributing the files yourself.

Thanks for listening. If you'd like more, all my albums are on my Discography page.

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